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Color: Brown
Material: Rattan
Shape: Rectangular
Unit Count: 3

SKU: storage-18 Category:

– Provides a variety of storage needs for our life.
– Can be placed in the living room or bedroom, study rooms, offices, closets, and cabinets to store clothes, food, daily necessities, towels, etc.
– Neutrally designed to adapt to your decor.
– This is a great addition to save space and stay organized
– Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎14.88 x 12.36 x 4.06 inches


  1. Olivia Thomas

    I really love these baskets.My storage in my bathroom is super limited and it mostly just an open shelf situation. It’s not ideal for all my hair and makeup products. With these baskets I can easily store all my products on the shelf and hide away most of the clutter that my different products create. Each morning I simply grab the basket I’m using and place it in front of me and do my makeup.It’s not the most organized solution, I wish I had a lid or something. BUT for the price I love them and would definitely place them elsewhere in my home when I change the storage situation in the bathroom.

  2. Mariah StarkeMariah Starke

    One of the first things I’d like to know is that when I pulled it out of the box it came in, part of the top of some of the rope did start to come off. So it’s not stuck on pretty tight. But it can be easily fixed. I can’t complain too much. They do look exactly like the photos, and you do get what you pay for. They are actually pretty sturdy and holds a lot. I’m using them in my bathroom as organizers inside my bathroom hutch. They are great For what I needed them for and I’d recommend 

  3. Carrie Wetzel

    If you are looking for very small bins these are for you. The large ones don’t fit two toilet paper rolls.

  4. Honeygirl

    These are beautiful and practical! GREAT sizes! HIGHLY recommended!

  5. Elizabeth Edmunds

    They are good sized and the design is pleasant.

  6. JP

    I really like that they’re lined baskets but you can’t remove the lining to wash (just an FYI). The outside looks nice but I’m not sure how well it will hold up over time. I do think if it starts to unravel or come apart it would be easily fixed with some glue. Overall a decent set of baskets and I’m keeping them since they go well with bathroom decor.

  7. rcw

    This arrived in a bag package rather than a box & as a result, the bottoms were all dinged up. So things don’t sit flat in them. It’s a shame because they are very cute.

  8. B,Narayan

    Look beautiful in my redone bathroom!

  9. Maya

    Just moved into a new home and needed some organizational bins for the bathroom since downsizing. They are sturdy and hold plenty of items.

  10. Sandra Mulrey

    It is sturdy, neat looking and I like the sizes. The material inside makes it work. It’s not wrinkled and fits the box. Nice anywhere.

  11. Gail

    These baskets are great. They look nice and hold a lot. I use them in the bathroom cabinet on the shelves that don’t pull out. These slide out nicely and are really pretty. I have both the green and gray. The green is prettier but both are really nice so far!

  12. Pearl weissPearl weiss

    I’m using it for product photography. The boxes are sturdy and look beautiful. A great purchase! 

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