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Material: Non-Woven Fabric Cover, Steel Tube And Plastic Connection
Fabric Color: Blue
Style: Modern
Size: 49.2 x 17 x 71 inches
Weight: 10 pounds

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– Made from selected non-woven fabric cover, water-proof fabric tiers, high-quality steel tube, and pp plastic connectors.
– This portable storage closet will meet your long term storage needs.
– Great size, which makes it suitable for organizing your small rooms and walk-in closet.
– Zippered dustproof cover offered to keep your item away from dust and water-proof fabric tiers are easy to clean.
– Product Dimensions: 49.2 x 17 x 71 inches, 10 pounds


  1. BarbaRoja

    Great closet. Wife has one too. Had to take out bottom middle row and top middle row so her dress would fit more easily. That probably makes it a little less stable but it’s out of the way in the attic so it should be fine. Great way to move seasonal clothes away from what you’ll wear everyday.

  2. BostonGal314

    Confusing instructions, but great product! We are using it as a wardrobe for our little girl, as she doesn’t need a full closet yet. It is very stable and I highly recommend it for nurseries or as a wardrobe for young children. The price is reasonable since it’s not specifically marketed toward babies/nurseries. I will buy it again if we have a second child!

  3. Anki

    The closet is good and perfect for my room. It is stable and can hold a lot of stuff.

  4. Marjorie Jones

    Perfect for what I was needing. There was only one page for instructions, basically a diagram. But it was self explanatory, so I had it together in about 1 1/2 hours. I’m very happy with the purchase.

  5. A. Santana

    Simple construction. Fairly sturdy.My 19 year old uses this, as he has no closet.It’s stood up very well to his bulky jackets and work boots.It’s bigger than I expected. But works well in our space.Oh! The kitten loves it too!

  6. Carla Munoz

    I really like it I can hang my clothes Put pants in one of the shelves I put 16 quart plastic boxes to hold my socks and boxers I put stuff on top too 🙂 I highly highly recommend it !

  7. caroline sanchez

    I like it but it took as sometime to build it

  8. Neal kelly

    Had to get this since my wife uses all of our closet space. Works very well. I bought some storage bins for socks and other things. I have been pleased with the product and the cost.

  9. Rich

    This closet worked perfectly for my year away from home. I needed a place to store my clothes but didn’t want to drag a whole dresser there. This was the perfect choice. Installation takes a bit of time (30-60 mins?), although it goes faster if you’ve done one before and know what you’re doing. They are plenty sturdy once they’re assembled. Easy to take down as well.

  10. james p gamble jr

    It works well but pretty light duty .Fairly easy to build too .It was cheap and free shipping so no complaint.

  11. Elizabeth BrackettElizabeth Brackett

    I attached the directions because so many people didn’t get them. It was easy to put together.    

  12. John Engel

    Love this product! Strong, sturdy design with plenty of storage and loads of shelves. Limited on the hanging section only, but lots and lots of space for folded items, pants, shirts, etc. One of the best designs in this type of “portable” closets I have seen. Does have a bit of an odor at first… just take a few dryer sheets and place them inside, and you’ll be fine.

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